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5 Ideas for a Thoughtful and Killer Valentine's Day

5 Ideas for a Thoughtful and Killer Valentine's Day



Life can get busy and it can be hard to get creative when something like Valentine's day comes around, so here are our favourite tips to make this V-Day one for the books.

No. 1 - Personalized Playlist


Whether it's a nod to your years together, favourite tracks, or setting a vibe for the day/night, this simple and often overlooked little love note that speaks volumes is one of our favourite ways to show we care and connect. 

If you are looking for new tunes, vibes, or tracks you would love to add to your lover’s personalized playlist, check out Summerland Radio here.

No. 2 - Bespoke Cocktail/ Mocktail


You don't have to be a world-class bartender to make this one count; it could simply be things that make you think of them, remind you of times you've shared or a couple of things you know they love. 

Give it a fun name and a thoughtful garnish, find a fun glass to put it in, and you'll be sure to impress them with thoughtfulness and fun. 

We’ll be sharing our custom Summerland Skin cocktails inspired by each product, so stay tuned if you are looking for inspiration.


Let us know, in the comments, which cocktail you’d like to see first!


No. 3 - Get Something They Really Want



Gifts are a love language and tried and true for a reason, so get them something that makes them feel incredible! 

There is nothing like giving the gift of feeling comfortable in your own glowing skin. And let’s be honest - skin is sexy, romantic and intimate. I don’t know about- you, but feeling great in my skin boosts my confidence and comfort and lowers my stress levels. It lets me be present, playful, and get out of my head. 

If you feel the same, now is the perfect time to gift all of the above to yourself and your sweetheart. Give skincare, tattoo care, or even something sparkly to feel divine in. Shop our Buy One Get One 50% off sale now to get your gift in time for Valentine’s. 

No. 4 - Get playful.


There is nothing like doing something specific together. It helps you get in sync, feel present and soften up after our routines. We suggest getting them a new (or an old favourite) game or trying a new activity.

Try something like painting, taking a poetry class, baking, trying a new dinner recipe, or getting outside to play some one-on-one.

We are currently obsessed with Pickleball and highly recommend @recesspickleball sets.

If you are looking for fun and different things that hit a few of the marks above, try these dreamy sugar cookies with a straight forward decoration that feels like a playful art class. 

Heads up - two things - 1) This link is for Christmas cookies so just try making your own V-Day-inspired ones! 2) When we tried them - they didn’t turn out quite as gorgeous as these, but it was SO fun. So just do it for the fun!

Here is a link to the gel food colouring we used. 


No. 5- Film Picture & A Love Note. 


Ohhhh shit, are we going analog again? Imma say - yes! I love this one because it's simple, inexpensive and has a high impact in the romance department.

All you have to do is find a frame they will love and a photo of you guys and get it printed to fit the frame. After that - we suggest taking it to the next level and writing a wee little love note or poem to really take it to the next level and let them know how much they mean to you.

If you don’t feel like a writer, we suggest writing lines/ lyrics from songs that remind you of your sweetheart. You can share why you picked them or let them speak for themselves!

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