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"Healthy, glowing skin is only half of what Summerland means to me.

It also embodies healing, inspiration, and my personal north star to live each day the way I really want to."

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The purpose of Summerland Skin is a selfish one; I needed the best possible product I could find, to end my quest for the Next Best Thing. Creating these products was the most natural culmination of all the challenges I’ve had and the skills I’ve been honing for over a decade.

At my core, I'm a Creative. For a long time that manifested into two major expressions: acting and music. And that meant having a slew of odd jobs to support my artistic expression. Lots of late night shifts, shows, and hustling.

At one point I worked three jobs on Vancouver Island: for a quirky family-run Private Label by day, serving at Applebee’s by night, and working at luxury hotel banquet hotels from 3am to 8am. At one point I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight. All while I pursued my creative passions. My band won a competition that took us to Vancouver, BC where I went even deeper into the service industry. With 10 years experience managing bars and restaurants, I was ready for a shift; I approached my boss and asked to take over the social media. From there I ravenously ate up learning about photography. And so began my next adventure: Content Creation and Social Media Management.

Then life started to catch up with me. I could feel it wearing me down and demanding my attention. I’d get bouts of eczema spreading across my eyelids and lips. I developed endless new food allergies, learning I had basically become allergic to nature. And then I discovered I’d been living in an incredibly alarming amount of mold. I felt like I was watching my vitality, youth, and radiance leave my body like the hocus pocus witches sucked the souls from children. 

Cue the research. We’re in a pandemic. I’ve got time, the internet, and an endless supply of hunger and stubbornness to find a solution AND make it affordable.

After 2 years of research, trial and error, testing, expanding, learning and growing… Summerland Skin was born. Absolutely PACKED with all the greatest ingredients I could find and combine. It absolutely changed the life of my skin. 

But glowing healthy skin is only half of what Summerland means to me. It also embodies healing, inspiration, and my personal north star to live each day the way I really want to. 

Being a creative person is hard. If we’re not our own worst critics, the comment section is. Sometimes it can be hard to make a sound for fear of what someone might say. But that is the opposite of how I want to live. 

I don’t want to make choices in opposition to what my life is. I want to make choices based on exactly what I want.

I want to be the most daring, brave, and vibrant version of myself. So I made this for all of us.
I want you to feel that when you care for your skin you’re also reminding yourself that today is YOUR day. Whatever that looks like to you. YOU are enough. YOU can do this. YOU and every complex detail of yourself is worth sharing with the world. 

So Welcome to Summerland. I’m so excited to live this full beautiful life with you and can’t wait to soak up all the nuances of the world as this loving, supportive community. 


Aleisha Kalina